Sarah   Dr. Kapoor has provided excellent care and service to my family. We have been her patients for nearly 3 years now. She has helped not only with medical concerns but also advised our family in many other aspects. She certainly goes above and beyond the necessary care. I know Dr. Kapoor and her associates very well.

Sally   Dr. Kapoor has been more than helpful. She always takes the time for me when I have been in her office. I would recomend her as your doctor


Dr. Kapoor is an excellent doctor in private practice. I had some issues that I saw multiple doctors for, and she was able to get to the bottom of them and find a better course of treatment and improve the quality of my life. There are lower cost options that private practice clinics, but if your insurance works there, I highly recommend -- the ability to get timely appointments, and know that you are in the hand of an expert is worth it!